Flights to Dubai 5 Must-See Places In Dubai


This article gives you information about two fascinating places-Dubai and Bangalore. While Dubai flights are always full of die-hard backpackers ready to witness a swanky, posh world, even flights to Bangalore are becoming hard to book owing to a surge in the number of tourists in recent times. Some chief attractions of these places are highlighted herein.
Dubai is the tinsel-coated world and the more glamorous corner of the globe. If you wish to spend a week amidst luxuries and sophistication of the utmost kind, then make sure to book your flights to Dubai. It is a truly fascinating country which houses everything right from the swankiest of hotels & malls to some of the most mysterious places. From the parched desert land to the shining glittering gem of the planet, this country has come a long way.
Here are some places you must check out in the country:
i. Burj Khalifa: You may have heard of this name vaguely, somewhere! Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade structure in the world and one of the biggest assets of Dubai. The view from the top is just breathtaking and its stupendous looks have a jaw-dropping quality. The monumental hotel boasts of accommodation facilities, shopping complexes and many other amenities.
ii. Dubai Museum: After getting out of your Dubai flights, you should make this museum one of your first sightseeing visits. It can be a great start to your trip since the museum will give you both information and entertainment.
iii. Palm Islands: Palm Islands is one of the highlights of this country. It is an artificially made island group designed like a palm. Its iconic beauty and postcard-perfect exoticness make tourists swarm over to this place like honeybees swarm over towards sunflowers. The fascinating beaches, sea and panorama of this place are enough lures for any backpacker to book flights to Dubai.
iv. Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is the biggest of its kind on the planet boasting of over 1,000 stores, aquarium, ice house, theatres and dozens of other attractions. This is another big reason why you must catch Dubai flights. Its exuberance is no match for other unassuming malls in other nations.
v. Wild Wadi Water Park: It is a water park which is located on one of the many beaches of the country. It is a modern-day project that comes complete with all the luxuries and enthralling joyrides. Your kids will have an incredible time out here after you alight from your flights to Dubai.
Trip to Bangalore: Bangalore is another interesting destination which has enough to offer to a tourist to keep him absorbed and hooked throughout his stay. Flights to Bangalore are available throughout the year and from all major towns in India. Much like Dubai, it is a place which can spoil you with its luxurious malls & hotels. It is also a great place for the nature-lover and woos them with its abundance of natural parks, wildlife locales, gardens and parks. Places like Bannerhatta National Park, Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park deserve special plaudits. Other attractions include temples like Bull Temple and monuments like Tipu Sultan Palace. Overall, you shall have a memorable voyage once you catch your flights to Bangalore.