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Maximum no of tourist plan their visit at this year of time. There are varieties of attractions; natural to artificial. Few of the top destinations in Karachi are Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum, Aga Khan University hospital, Port Grand and Water Jet fountain. Airport Jinnah international airport is Karachi’s largest international and domestic airport. There are many travel agencies which will help you in making you flight more economical and time saving. If you book your flight ticket from Dear flight, you will enjoy this benefits . Karachi is a centre point for most of the flights to different countries like London, Dubai, Toronto and Delhi. Facilities in the airport include restaurants like Mc Donald’s, Butlers. Selling Alcohol is totally restricted in Karachi. Transport. By bus .

There is direct bus services to/from Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, and Faisalabad. Train Travelling in 1st class coach is good in Pakistan, as it protects you from illeraterate crowds. Karachi has railways connection with all major cities including Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad Rawalpindi, & Lahore. Boat Another mode of transport around Karachi.

Taxi Black and yellow taxi don’t have any meter, so one have to settle charge and location before getting in. White Cab: Per kilometer are Rs 15 and Rs 50 for AC charge. Metro Cab: Per kilometer is Rs 20 and Rs 300 for 12 kms. Rickshaw If you need to travel shorter distance, rickshaw is the best mode of transport. You can find them everywhere. Make sure to speak in Urdu or Hindi. Most of them are uneducated, they don’t understand English Beaches and waterfront. Manora : It is also a popular spot because of long sandy beaches along the southern edge of island .

At the end of Manbora Island is the tallest lighthouse (28 m) in Pakistan. Boats take about 20 minutes from mainland Karachi to reach there. The island is known for exotic location with natural landscape such as the beaches and the mangroves forest. Clifton Beach was one of the most popular beaches in the world but got affected after the oil spilt in 2003. Bagh-e-lbn-e-Qasim: It is biggest urban park constructed under Clifton Beach Development Project on 130 acres of land. For the entrainment purpose of visitors, the park has turtle pond. In order to create an element of originality, the park has 30 stone canopies.

More than 1000 unique samples of roses are planted throughout the park .The park has also have fast food outlet able to accommodate more than 500 persons at one time. The park has extremely large structure of Dinosaurs which add to the excitement of visitors .The park has 90 meter Port Fountain of Karachi trust which add a beauty to this garden .

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